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To maintain your QLD Security Guard Weapons licence for armed guards and security guards, completion of mandatory security weapons re-qualification training is provided by our highly experienced and qualified weapons training professionals on the Gold Coast to Brisbane.

Regal Security & Industry Training is a training RTO provider and NOT a CRICOS RTO provider

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Regal Security and Industry Training RTO No. 32331 is proud of its reputation in the delivery and assessment of nationally recognised programs, courses, industry security function and weapons safety licence refresher courses to exceed client, student and QLD business and community responsive safety and security confidence and expectations.

CPP30411 CIII in Security Operations Program

Unit of Competency: CPPSEC3008A Control security risk situation using firearms

Weapon CategoriesCategory H (Revolver); Category H (Semi-Auto); Category C (Shotgun); Category E (Ballistic Vest)

Course Overview
  • Determine when to use a firearm to respond to a life threatening situation
  • Ability to analyse risk factors and intentions of persons; and
  • To maintain and store firearms and ammunition in accordance with legislative requirements
Course Outcome – Knowledge, Skills & Task Skills
  • apply correct procedures for selecting, fitting, using and maintaining protective equipment including body armour
  • demonstrate safe handling skills for use; maintenance of firearms and effective empty hand techniques for firearms retention
  • identify current and potential risk factors; their impact on the security risk situation and maintaining firearms licensing requirements
  • ability to provide warnings and clear directions to a subject using communication which engages minority groups
  • maintaining consistent accuracy when discharging firearm and reacting in a timely manner in the application and termination of force, and evaluating and selecting response options within specified legal and strategic limits.

Security industry compliance: Training requirement for QLD security weapons licence re-application

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Course eligibility requirements
  • Reading and writing ability (minimum English Grade 10 level) highly recommended.
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Checklist completion in program/course pre-enrolment for learning participation modifications, if required, agreed by the trainer/assessor and student, respecting their privacy and confidentiality.
  • Course/Program Handbook access for information including LLN, student kit resources, evidence assessment tools, conditions and review and appeal process to enable completion of the Enrolment Form – Part 9 Handbook Declaration.
  • QLD security licence application form – re-qualification criteria conditions

Course eligibility:
  • Age & Photo I.D: Driver Licence or 18+ Card
  • Residency: Proof of Queensland address e.g residential utilities account e.g power/phone
  • Citizenship status: Australia or New Zealand or Australian permanent resident: Medicare Card or Passport
  • Current QLD security licence with Cash-in-Transit licence function
  • QLD security weapons licence for proof of weapon categories for verification by trainer
Enrolment & Course Participation

Come into the office/training venue at 1/42 Nerang Street, Southport to complete Course pre-enrolment compliance forms before sign/dating your Enrolment Form (also available on the Enrolment Forms page) while we verify your I.D documents, issue Course fee receipt, and provide an overview of the course assessment tool competency requirements for the:

  • Theory (knowledge and skills) Guide and Workbook task requirements; and
  • Practical (task skills) demonstration description at a weapons shooting range

Your Guide and Workbook will be emailed to you for Theory Workbook self-paced study completion.

Self-paced Learning Support & Guidance: Call 07 5679 0110; email info@regalsecuritytraining.com.au or come into the training venue at 1/42 Nerang St, Southport, or LLN learner support activities or support requirements confirmed in the Course pre-enrolment process.

Pre-Study of the Introduction Kit content including the Course unit of competency element performance criteria (knowledge, skills and task skill) descriptors and description of the course assessment tool evidence types

  • Guide – Self-paced study of the section/links knowledge and skills content for:
  • Workbook Completion of open/closed question types reflecting Guide learning content, with ‘action verb” question responses e.g ‘describe’, ‘detail’, ‘explain’, ‘outline’ etc., to confirm your security firearms licence knowledge, skills and task skills competency.
  • Submit Workbook for assessment to info@regalsecurityindustry.com.au for timely feedback of 2nd assessment evidence gap activity/s completion, provided by your trainer prior to course participation, if required.
  • Book 4 hour Course for practical (task skills) and theory (underpinning knowledge/skills) transfer to practical demonstration tasks in a safe learning environment at a shooting range with targets and ammunition which we provide PPE for personal safety.
    • Suitable clothing – closed-in shoes, confirmable fitting long pants and top recommended for shooting range live fire assessment component.
Assessment Outcome & Course Evaluation
Certification (training record)
  • Competent course completion will result in issuance of a Statement of Attainment training record with the applicable Weapons Category transcript for submission with the online Security Weapons Licence Application Form, support documents and fee for processing.
  • Student file administration fee of $20 for original certificate replacement requests will apply.

Course Evaluation Form completion contributes to the Regal Security & Industry Training RTO 32331 Scope of Program/Course resources and delivery/assessment validation process, and for optional inclusion on our Student Testimonial webpage or your direct feedback on Google Review most welcomed!

Regal Security & Industry Training RTO 32331 is committed to ensuring each students’ volume and duration of learning reflects competent certification of the AQF CIII program training package – Unit of Competency evidence guide requirements, and is adjusted accordingly to reflect the percentage of the total unit/s of competency from a training package completed meets the AQF Principals of Assessment; C.A.V.S (current, authentic, valid, sufficient) assessment guidelines and ASQA Standards for RTOs compliance requirements.

Enrolment Form
For Re-Qualification Only:  $250 for Weapon Category E & H        $275 for Weapon Category E, C & H
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