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Lissome Physiotherapy and Technique Studios

Based in Bundall on the Gold Coast, Lissome Physiotherapy and Technique Studios incorporates a number of Allied Health professions under one roof providing physio and Pilates services at our core. These health professionals include Physiotherapists, Accredited Dietitians, Clinical Pilates Instructors and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Lissome Physiotherapy Gold Coast is equipped to take the full range of clients under chronic management plans, Workcover, Department of Veterans Affairs, and private patients (HiCAPS available).

We work with individuals to get them from injury, rehabilitation and back to their chosen sport or activity. With accredited Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Clinical Pilates Instructors and Exercise Physiologists, Lissome has the skills to work with you to get you back to your best.

We have a patient centred approach and can work with all aspects of the community from elite athletes to the weekend warrior and everything in between.

Our Physio and Pilates Philosophy

To keep everyone moving, healthy and active for as long as they can by integrating rehabilitation and exercise in one location working with the individual and their goals.

Our Services

  • Physiotherapy

  • Our Physiotherapists in Gold Coast complete a thorough one hour assessment where the reason for your visit is thoroughly explored and diagnosed to assist with treating the source of your symptoms. We use a number of hands on techniques to assist with movement and recovery

    • Get rid of niggles, injuries or pain
    • Improve performance
    • Prevent injuries

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Our reformer based Clinical Pilates classes in Gold Coast have only four people per class, with sessions individually tailored to your needs. Our pilates sessions are devised from an initial assessment that highlights all your needs and from the goals that you have outlined in your one-on-one initial consultation. Classes are completed on reformers and trapeze equipment.
    • Get rid of niggles, injuries or pain
    • Improve performance
    • Prevent injuries

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Our resident exercise physiologist & Sports Physiotherapists in Gold Coast have a deep understanding of the body, the way it moves and rehabilitation to be able to guide your exercise rehabilitation for any disorder.They assist with the prevention and management of chronic disease and injuries, supports workers returning to work and personal wellness coaching.
    • Prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries
    • Supports workers returning to work
    • Personal wellness coaching

  • Dietetics

  • Our dietician services are completed by Accredited Practicing Dietician’s who have an expansive knowledge of disease states and the effect of food and nutrition on these. No matter your aim or want, if its to do with food our Accredited Practicing Dietician’s can help!
    • Sports nutrition,
    • Weight & gastrointestinal issue management
    • Fertility and pregnancy nutrition

  • Technique Courses

  • Ever wondering why the person next to you can run or swim faster but is the same height, weight and does the same kind of training? Maybe this is to do with their technique? Lissome runs a number of technique courses that focus on a bottom up approach with education and movement/drills incorporated which is integral for outcomes.

  • Social Activities

  • There are a number of activities that occur throughout the year on the Lissome social calendar but a definite way to get involved is our social run on a Tuesday Morning from the clinic in Bundall. Starting at 5.30 am this is a great way to get out and exercise with like minded people!