FAQ's - Lissome Physiotherapy and Technique Studios Gold Coast
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Do I need to see a Doctor before seeing my Physiotherapist?

The short answer is No.

If you have injured yourself and wish to seek treatment of your own accord you can make an appointment with your Physiotherapist without a doctors referral.

In other circumstances where your physiotherapy is being funded by a third body (Insurance, workcover or Medicare) then you will need a Doctors referral.


Will Medicare cover my Physiotherapy and other Allied Health (Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian etc) Costs?

In some circumstances your Physiotherapy may be covered by Medicare. Medicare will only cover a certain number of consultations, for certain individuals with chronic conditions and will only cover a portion of the treatment.

For any form of Medicare coverage for your Allied Health appointments you must have a referral from your GP.

Do I always need imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT etc) prior to seeing my Physiotherapist? 

No, it is not always necessary to get imaging prior to coming into see your Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists can refer for imaging if they deem that it is needed for the injury.