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Clinical Pilates – Reformer and Mat

Small Classes - Physio Led

Lissome Gold Coast Clinical Pilates combines the essential principles of Pilates with the latest physiotherapy research to improve muscle imbalances, strength and stability.

With a physiotherapist lead and tailored Pilates program your exercises will be tailored to meet your individual goals and be appropriate for your needs and your particular injuries. You will be assessed by a Physiotherapist prior to attend the Pilates classes in Gold Coast to ensure that the sessions are individually tailored for you.

Pilates Assessment - Clinical Pilates - Reformer and Mat

Lissome Clinical Pilates Gold Coast benefits

  • Correction of body mechanics
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Enhancing body awareness and posture
  • Enhance core stability

IMG 0964 300x200 - Clinical Pilates - Reformer and Mat IMG 1037 300x200 - Clinical Pilates - Reformer and MatIMG 1155 300x200 - Clinical Pilates - Reformer and MatPike on Wunda with Fitball 2 300x200 - Clinical Pilates - Reformer and Mat

Clinical Pilates Studio in Gold Coast are conducted in small classes to ensure one-on-one time with the Physiotherapist and the exercises are progressed according to your level. Check out our Clinical Pilates Calendar and book your initial assessment today!

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