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Injury Management

A major part of a Physiotherapists role is injury management – including the prevention, treatment and maintenance.

The aim of the Physiotherapists at Lissome on the Gold Coast is to get to the bottom of the causes of the injuries to be able to plan the injury management to be as specific and tailored as possible.

in depth Assessment 1 300x300 - Injury Management



So what does this involve?

Our Initial Physiotherapy Assessment will include a detailed history. This will include an in depth look at the mechanism of injury, the details leading up the injury and any getting to the bottom of any other details that will influence your Physiotherapy treatment.

Your physiotherapy assessment will then move onto the movement restrictions, strength and joint issues that my be influencing your symptoms. This type of assessment will give your physiotherapist the details needed to make an informed decision about your injury management and treatment.



Manual Therapy 300x300 - Injury Management

Then What?

It’s then important to target the cause of the injury and complete a tailored rehabilitation program to ensure that you return to your sport or daily activities as quickly as possible. This could involve

as well as the knowledge and skills to be able to manage your injuries independently. This allows you to be more aware in the future and your armed Rehabilitation 300x300 - Injury Managementwith the information that can really make a difference.

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